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This site has been developed by Bits of Freedom, with the help of numerous volunteers. It relies for a large part on the tool that was coded by La Quadrature du Net which allows users to call members of parliament for free.


This website processes your personal details in a variety of ways. First of all, to show you all the content, most of the content is loaded from a server that is owned and operated by Bits of Freedom. Some elements are loaded from a servers that are operated by the La Quadrature du Net and the European Parliament. We try to limit the reliance on third parties as much as we can. In addition to that, we keep track of the use of this website using a tool called Piwik (and which has been configured to limit the amount of tracking). If you subscribe to our mailinglist, we will use your e-mail address only to send you updates on the campaign to delete the upload filter from the proposed legislation.